Collaborative and Competent Approach

At Alasaly Law Group, we work for you and with you.

Collaborative and Competent Approach

At Alasaly Law Group, we work for you and with you.

Family and Estate Law Firm in Victoria, BC

At Alasaly Law Group, we are a team of result-oriented attorneys with the utmost professional and emotional dedication. We are a remote law firm, serving clients all across BC, with our physical office located in Victoria. We understand that legal matters can require a lot of your time, effort and emotions, so our approach is to always assist you in a way that makes the journey smoother for you while ensuring that we achieve your desired result. Whether you are in the midst of a family law matter or contemplating your wills & estate, Alasaly Law Group will help you every step of the way to a successful outcome.

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Our Approach

Our lawyers work in a methodical manner based on three things – compassion, collaboration and efficiency. We believe in a collaborative approach where we understand your side of the story and work together to find the best solution. We believe in empathy because each case brings with it a lot of complications and only by caring for our clients can we adopt a suitable path. Our knowledge, experience and dedication in Family Law motivate us to work round the clock for you so that the results are efficient and desirable.

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Our Services

Our priority is to offer efficient service, which means our clients should be at an advantage in every way. 

Although we have a physical office in Langford, being a remote law firm, we cater to clients across BC via video conferencing. We are able to use technology to serve our clients regardless of the physical limitations, or the societal changes, such as with COVID-19, to meet with clients who would rather have a meeting in person. 

We want to assist you in any way we can – whether big or small, we are here for you. Our services include:

Notary Services

This includes other types of legalities and formalities for which legal assistance is required.


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Our family lawyers are known for their understanding and commitment to you.

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We try to make legalities easier and smoother for you.


I was fortunate to have Sarah represent me in drafting a separation agreement. In addition to showing compassion and understanding throughout the process she was also direct and fierce! She faced the challenges and smoothed them over with great professionalism. Thank you so much Sarah!

Sarah Alasaly is an amazing lawyer and person. She's very caring and takes her time to answer all of your questions. You never feel like you're on the clock with her and she's extremely thorough with her work. I was always scared of dealing with lawyers because I thought I'd be just watching the Dollar Sign go up with every interaction but this was not the case. She is warm and has a huge heart, if you need a family lawyer then I suggest you at least call her up for an initial meeting.

Absolutely wowed by the hard work and perseverance Sarah put forward. She kept a level head and helped me get through an incredibly difficult situation. Kept me informed of all my options and was very transparent with me about all my choices. Very efficient at returning emails and phone calls. Never felt left in the dark throughout the process. Will be recommending to all my friends and family.


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