Family Law

Family Law

Family law is an area where cases can demand a lot from a person – emotionally and financially. At Alasaly Law Group, Sarah is always striving to ensure that she understands and empathizes with her client so that their case resolves in the best possible way. Our firm will provide you with assistance on all major issues concerning family law.


Child Support

Child custody and support are an integral part of the services at Alasaly Law Group. We can help to draw clear lines for child custody, parenting times, and shared parenting, all in the best interests of the child. We can help you win a legal stand which gives you the authority in the case of important decisions regarding the child, as well as helps you to determine the income-set off, the primary residence of the child and day-to-day decisions as to the primary caregiver.

Many other situations may arise, which may lead to child custody issues, including child alienation, abduction, changing custody and child relocation. As experienced lawyers, we have the traction to provide child custody services to you. Entrust your child custody legal needs to us and we ensure your family stays together when you need it the most. Alasaly Law Group serves clients all across BC.

Child support is described as the money needed for a child’s upbringing, being paid by one parent to another. We deal with all issues relating to calculation and finalization of the child support amount, child maintenance, change in child support agreements and any other disputes relating to child support.

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and Custody

The guardianship of your child are laws that will generally ensure the care and protection, education, residence, and general day-to-day decision making of your child, till he or she comes of age, under the Family Law act. Most separated parents will assume shared parental responsibilities of their child and with our help, you can be sure of making the right decisions to secure a safe future for your child. We will help to protect your parental rights and we promise to act in the best interest of your child and your family’s welfare. Alasaly Law Group serves clients all across BC.

This is used to describe the legal relationship between a child and his/her parent including the right to make payments and take decisions. This includes all cases regarding the determination of guardian/guardians post the demise of parents and any kind of custody tussle post the divorce or separation.


Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony refers to is the monetary support to be paid to the spouse after separation. The amount of spousal support is generally arrived at by taking the net difference between the earnings of the partners. There are a few key factors that go into calculating this amount, which may include the duration of the marriage, the disparity in income, the presence of children and the role played by each parent during the marriage. Spousal support includes the division of high net-worth assets, including the family business, valuable assets, educational degrees, since one spouse sacrificed their career to take care of the children. The court is also likely to consider your individual professional and educational traits, to determine you or your spouse’s chances of being gainfully employed. Judging by all these and many more factors, the court may rule compensatory, non-compensatory or contractual support.  

This usually includes the payment of alimony or financial support from one partner to another, post the divorce or separation. We deal with all issues relating to out-of-court settlement or divorce trials regarding alimony, negotiations about the amount and length of alimony payments.

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Property Division

The separation between marital partners often goes beyond just the physical separation, but also includes the division of all shared property, assets and even debt. However, the family property is usually considered to mean all valuables or assets accrued during the marriage, and not before, or after the marriage has been annulled. We help you to maximize your allocation of family property, valuable assets, businesses, pension and any investments made while minimizing your tax debt. Alasaly Law Group is happy to represent clients all across BC. 

Property division means determining how an area of land should get distributed or divided among the family members. Many cases require legal aid with respect to how much area is in dispute, is the distribution fair, understanding court proceedings and legal formalities.


Marriage and
Prenuptial Agreements

By entering into a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement, you can secure how much of your assets are protected from any divorce penalties. For example, you may enlist how much of your property is divided at the time of separation, limit how much spousal support payments are to be made, set out your will after death, and your responsibilities regarding any debts you may have built up.  

Marriage agreements can also clearly set out child support and custody arrangements, in order to prevent future court proceedings. It is important for both partners to get legal counsel before entering into a marriage or pre-nuptial agreement and fully know your legal rights. Alasaly Law Group serves clients all across BC and we also write up the post-nuptial agreement after a couple has been married.


Prenuptial agreements are common legal formalities done before marriage which establish the financial, practical and property rights of each partner in the event of a divorce. We cater to services regarding devising and finalizing pre-nuptials and other related formalities.

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When two consenting adults live together as partners without being married it is known as cohabitation. Contact us for all issues related to cohabitation agreements, children’s rights in cohabitation and legal formalities. However, cohabitation agreements apply only for the duration of the marriage and do not include any sources of income, property or investments made before or after the marriage.



From the moment you decide to separate until the separation becomes lawfully accepted, there may be a considerable gap in time. During this period, there are still bills to be paid and lives to be lived based on the support of your spouse. We help you negotiate all these so that even before your divorce is finalized you have the basic necessities available at your disposal to live a healthy life. 


Separation is an alternative for couples who want to separate but don’t want a divorce just yet. We help with your separation agreements and negotiations, including topics like property, alimony and child custody.


Most couples who wish to separate often do not desire to engage in lengthy legal battles, but are looking for an amicable way to settle their differences, and to move on with their lives.

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Divorce can be challenging and emotionally exhausting which is why it is best to consult legal advisors to know your options. We help to clearly define the groundwork, your reasons for choosing to divorce and we take you through the available options to reach a settlement amicably and quickly.  Divorces may be uncontested, which means you agree to everything, including child support, spousal support and property division, as a result of which you need not appear in court, rather the judge will sign your divorce settlement papers to annul your marriage.

On the other hand, we have contested divorces, wherein you may contest the actual terms of the divorce, relating to money, or your children’s custody. 

We are equipped to handle all areas around filing a divorce, responding to a divorce complaint, out-of-court and court settlements, child custody, change and appeals.


Common Law

You may be applicable for a common law relationship in the scenarios that you and your partner have been staying together for more than 2 years, or you have been together for less than 2 years, but have a child together. Nowadays, common law spouses have the same rights under Family Law as do married couples. If you are deemed as a common law couple, Alasaly Law Group will advise you on your rights and your responsibilities and obligations regarding child and spousal support, and property and debt division. The only difference between marriage and common law is that the Divorce Act is only applied to married couples. 

A common law relationship is one where couples stay together in a ‘marriage-like’ relationship without being legally married. We assist and advise on all matters like child custody, financial support, getting registered and ending a common law relationship.

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