Mediation Services

Mediation Services

As an accredited family law mediator through the Law Society of BC, Sarah will help you resolve your family matter outside of court. Mediation results in a binding separation agreement setting out the terms of your separation or divorce. Sarah will meet with you and your former partner or spouse and develop a customized agreement that works for both of you.

For most separating couples, the mediation process focuses on:


Most couples are able to reach an agreement with assistance from Sarah who can guide the process and facilitate communication and getting to a resolution. If you are considering family mediation, please first speak with a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you understand the relevant laws in BC and your rights and your obligations with respect to your family. This will help to ensure that you will be negotiating in the mediation session from a fully informed position.

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Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is, quite simply, the most effective, affordable, and fastest solution for separating families. Sarah will help you work together to reach an agreement so you can resolve your conflict without risking an imposed Order of the Court that may not work for either of you. You and your former partner or spouse will have a confidential, neutral area to voice concerns and expectations, which will allow the two of you to begin working together to reduce the conflict and focus on resolution. Mediation can deliver results at substantially less cost and without the additional conflict and stress that often results from the adversarial and combative dynamics of the court system. Here’s a short list of the top reasons to choose mediation instead of a court:


   A Customized Solution
      The ability to be creative and work together to come up with a solution that works best for you instead of being confined by the strict application of the law.

  Maintain Control
      In mediation, the parties themselves maintain control over how their dispute is resolved instead of a result being imposed upon them by a justice in court,
      or by an arbitrator.

      Mediation provides the ability to resolve a dispute quickly, in a matter of hours or weeks instead of the months and years it takes to get through a court trial.

      Mediation is vastly less expensive than litigation.

      Mediation sessions are private. Litigation involves public court appearances and the filing of documentation that is a matter of public record,
      accessible by anyone.

   Promotes Amicability
      Mediation involves learning and practicing skills to improve communication and diminishes conflict. This promotes the preservation of relationships,
      which can be invaluable to parties that will be co-parenting for years to come. In stark contrast, litigation is, by its very nature, adversarial.
      Parties often resort to giving evidence outlining the opposing parties’ negative characteristics and damaging history in order to win.
      The very nature of traditional litigation divides, polarizes and promotes continued conflict.

   Protects Children from Conflict
      Mediation promotes effective communication, cooperation and understanding, thereby reducing the conflict between parties and promoting an ability to
      effectively co-parent into the future.

      In mediation parties meet with the same professional instead of whatever justice happens to be sitting in court on the various days court applications
      are scheduled.

      Resolutions reached by agreement result in high compliance levels because both parties have said yes to the solution

In the rare situation where mediation fails to result in an agreement, the process will still normally be worthwhile. Mediation should be able to resolve at least some of the outstanding issues and clarify what remains in dispute, leaving just one or two questions to be resolved by an arbitrator or judge. This can save tens of thousands of dollars as compared to a trial in which all issues are contested. Thousands of separating couples choose mediation to minimize conflict, minimize cost, find practical solutions and move forward. It works for straightforward amicable separations, as well as acrimonious, emotional splits. We have the experience to help make this process work for you.

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Looking for Specific Solutions?

Our team is always available for a consultation

Looking for Specific Solutions?

Our team is always available for a consultation