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Our qualified and experienced team will help you initiate, and diligently undertake your estate planning, and the drafting of a combination of documents including wills, power of attorneys and trusts.

We represent our client’s best interests when composing documents regarding:

Will and estate planning are intensive and important procedures that an individual must undertake to safeguard assets and secure the life of his or her family, post death. Alasaly Law Group provides detailed counselling and legal advice in these matters to all their clients. Effective estate planning not only saves you from big family messes but also protects beneficiaries, especially young children. We cover a wide array of issues.




A will is a legally binding document communicating a person’s wishes regarding the division of their assets and other possessions among chosen beneficiaries. We advise all our clients to work closely with us to ensure their wishes are met precisely after their death and their loved ones are not forced to spend additional time, emotional energy and money to settle their affairs.

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Power of Attorney

It refers to a written authorization awarding broad powers to a chosen person to act on the behalf of another – generally in financial or private affairs. We understand the full situation and then guide you through a range of options available such as general, durable or limited powers of attorney to take care of your matters in the best manner possible.



It’s a personal planning tool that allows the person to plan for the possibility of future incapability. We deal with all areas of such agreements and help our clients make decisions regarding key specifics such as outlining duties, assigning alternative representatives, setting up compensation and revoking rights.

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Nomination of

This allows an adult person to receive the care of a committee nominated by a court to handle their financial, legal, medical or personal affairs in the case of incapability. A committee’s responsibility is stated by court order, but we ensure that all legalities and formalities are done in a due manner.



Probate is a judicial process that involves the review and authentication of the will of a deceased person. During this process, the executor or a court-appointed administrator oversees the payment of any liabilities and subsequent division of their assets among the beneficiaries. We assist you throughout this process, providing counsel and fulfilling legalities.

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An executor bears the responsibility to carry out the provisions of the will of a deceased person. We can guide you if you have been nominated as an executor and help fulfill your duties as it can be a complex process, especially when it involves high-risk or sizable assets.

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Do You Need An Estate Plan?

We can assist you in all estate and will planning issues.​

Do You Need An Estate Plan?

We can assist you in all estate and will planning issues.